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Balloon Arches - a focus for your event

A balloon arch is a fantastic way to provide a focal point in your event. You can use them as a frame to highlight a feature such as a cake , gift table, top table or speaker.. They are an attractive feature in their own right and can add colour and depth to the plainest of venues.

You can use an arch to highlight an entrance, welcoming your guests or fill a space on a long blank wall.

The simplest arches are the "string of pearls " type that consist of a single line of helium filled balloons, these are quick and easy to install and will fit anywhere. The drawback is that helium is now in short supply and they are not great outside because they are vulnerable to gusts of wind. Garland arches come in two main types organic or spiral. They are built on weighted frames and so are not vulnerable to windy weather outside. They can be small enough to go over a cake on a tabletop, or cover a dance-floor.

Enjoy this selection of arches from the vey small to the enormous and if anything takes your fancy just call or message us for a quote.

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