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Creating a decorative focal point for your event.

Whatever your event or budget we can create a spectacular focal point for your balloon decor.  We can create arches for entrances, cake and gift tables, photo backdrops or for top tables.  They can be full floor to floor types or "demi-arches" (half arches) in styles ranging from organic, spiral garland or string of pearls styles.  

If an arch isn't to your taste balloon columns can make an ineresting and unique feature in either spiral garland or organic styles.  The column can be topped with giant numbers, shaped foil balloons and personalised "Bubbles" or "Orbz".  

Organic circular balloon hoops are becoming an increasingly popular feature at weddings, engagements and birthday parties, they can be personalised with bespoke signs or giant numbers.


Contacts us for more information, prices or advice.  Please note that all products built of frames are "hire" items which we will recover after your event (a deposit may be required). 

Click on our gallery images to see the full larger version.

Large demi balloon arch.
Organic demi arch
Large organic balloon arch.
Organic demi arch.
Spiral balloon column topped with a star
6th birthday organic balloon column
Organic birthday celebration balloon column
40th birthday organic balloon column.
Organic balloon arch
6: Balloon hoop
60th birthday balloon column
21st Birthday Demi Arch
Black and gold spiral garland arch
Spiral garland balloon arch and light up numbers.
Spiral garland arch with 34" numbers
6 colour rainbow spiral garland arch.
Organic garland arch
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